Super Bowl Commercials 2011: The Advertisers

What part of the Super Bowl are you more excited for? According to the survey of Lightspeed Research, 44 percent of Americans will watch the game because they want to see the Super Bowl commercials 2011.

A huge number of more or less 100 million expected viewers will watch the Super Bowl 2011. And with a price  of $2.8 million to $3 million for a 30-second commercial airing time, the Super Bowl serves as the home and place where big companies with big budget can target the whole america.  Here is the list of the companies that will participate for the Super Bowl commercials 2011. Who among them will create a buzz?

Anheuser-Busch HomeAway Inc.
Audi Hyundai Motor North America
Best Buy Kia North America
BMW North America Mars
Bridgestone Mercedez-Benz
Careerbuilder PepsiCo's Doritos PepsiCo's PepsiMax
Chrysler Pizza Hut
Coca-Cola Skechers
E-trade Teleflora
General Motors Volkswagen of America

Visit this blog again for the list of the top contenders and Super Bowl 2011 Ads updates.

Pro Bowl 2011 Live Stream on FOX

Pro Bowl 2011 serves as the remedy for those who are waiting for next week's Super Bowl 2011. The NFL returns to Hawaii for the 2011 Pro Bowl as the battle of AFC and NFC's best players will happen. The game will take place Sunday, January 30, 2011, at 7 p.m. ET at Aloha Stadium.

New England Patriot's Bill Belichick will coach the AFC while Atlanta Falcons Mike Smith for the NFC. Both AFC and NFC are tied with 20 victories apiece since 1971. The AFC won the previous 2009 Pro Bowl game, taking six over the last ten.

The Pro Bowl 2011 live stream will be available on FOX.

Who do you think will win? I will go for the AFC with quarterback Tom Brady! Will there be early Super Bowl Ads 2011 tonight?

Super Bowl Ads 2011 Updates: Ozzy Meets Bieber

Which Super Bowl commercial create another history? Here are some updates of the the commercials and news about this matter. Justin Bieber and Ozzy for the Super Bowl ads? Let's see.

Kia returns this year, with an ad for the Optima entitled "One Bad Ride". The ad will air in the first quarter and will have various people trying to get there hands on the Optima.

Subaru's Appearance - The Super Bowl  ads 2011 will have lot of automakers. Subaru will be back again will be sponsoring Animal Planets, Puppy Bowl. The company just unvaled an ad featuring two dogs doing doughnuts in the snow.

Ozzy meet Justin. - Best Buy's Super Bowl ad will feature Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne The ad will air during the third quarter of the game.  Ozzy Osbournce will also joined by his wife Sharon for the selling for the US electronics retailer.

They Say No - Papa John's, Intel, Monster.Com, Dr. Pepper, Denny's, KGB, and Universal Studios Orlando are not going to have join the weekend commercial galore. TruTV and Vizio are not returning too.

CBS Revealed the Top 3 Best Super Bowl Ads

After the voting, the top three choices were revealed last January 24. Here are the Top 3 Super Bowl CommercialsWatch the broadcast on Friday, February 4, 2010 on CBS and join in the live final vote.

Budweiser "Super Fan" (2006)

Budweiser "Team Clydesdale" (2008)

Bridgeston "Whale of a Tail" (2010)

Vote for the Top Super Bowl Ads on CBS

As the Super Bowl 2011 comes near, the CBS will conduct a voting for the top Super Bowl Commercial. CBS will air their annual Super Bowl Ad special on February 4, 2011 with Jim Nantz as the host. You can vote for your favorite ad on by just  visiting  and pick your best choice.

The top three will be announced on January 24th, and finally on Friday night (February 4th) the winner will be revealed! Hurry and vote for your top Super Bowl Ads of all time!

Super Bowl Commercials 2011 With Big Number of Car Brands

The list of the brands and companies for the Super Bowl Ads 2011 showdown includes numbers of car brands. Some of the company that will have their ads for the big event are E*Trade, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Audi, Best Buy, BMW, Bridgestone, CareerBuilder, CarMax, Chrysler, Coca-Cola, General Motors,, HomeAway, Hyundai, Kia, Mars, Mercedes-Benz, PepsiCo, Pizza Hut, Skechers, Teleflora and Volkswagen.

The complete list will be posted here.

The Top Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

Millions of people watched the Super Bowl in the recent years. It was not all about the game but the event also showcase Super Bowl commercials who serves as one of the much awaited attraction.

Yes, it was expensive as the high cost of Super Bowl ads grows bigger and bigger each year. Several companies prepares their best ads for the Super Bowl each year to create a line in the world of product endorsement. Here is a short list of the top Super Bowl commercials of all time. This is a great time to refresh your memory and see who among these commercials created a big buzz!

Top Super Bowl Ads of All Time

Coca-Cola - "Mean Joe Greene" - 1980
Apple - "1984" - 1984
McDonald's - "The Showdown" - 1993
Budweiser - "Frogs" - 1995
Pepsi - "Diner" - 1995
Budweiser - "Clydesdales Football" - 1996
Monster - "When I Grow Up" - 1999
Reebook - "Terry Tate" - 2003
Bud Light - "Hitchhiker" - 2007
Snickers - "Betty White" - 2010

Which of the following are familiar to you? Check the videos now on Youtube!

Super Bowl Ads Online is Here!

Super Bowl is considered as one of the biggest event every year on which it gathers more than 90 million viewers. And as what the numbers implies, this makes the event a great place for the big companies to put their advertisements and grab the chance to make a buzz for their products and services.

A 30-second airing time for the Super Bowl Ads commercial during the  event costs more than $2 million dollars. Yes, it's very expensive but the price guarantees big impact on their products.

Last year, the Super Bowl XLIV commercials created a big buzz in the information gateway. CBS televised the Super Bowl 2010 on which they provided extra-ordinary commercials that has an average cost of approximately $3.01 million for a 30-second commercial airing time. This excludes costs and fees for actors, equipment, ad agencies, directors, crew and other personnel.

The much awaited Super Bowl XLV will be on February 6, 2011 that will be held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Enjoy the game and the Super Bowl 2011 commercials!