Super Bowl Ads Online is Here!

Super Bowl is considered as one of the biggest event every year on which it gathers more than 90 million viewers. And as what the numbers implies, this makes the event a great place for the big companies to put their advertisements and grab the chance to make a buzz for their products and services.

A 30-second airing time for the Super Bowl Ads commercial during the  event costs more than $2 million dollars. Yes, it's very expensive but the price guarantees big impact on their products.

Last year, the Super Bowl XLIV commercials created a big buzz in the information gateway. CBS televised the Super Bowl 2010 on which they provided extra-ordinary commercials that has an average cost of approximately $3.01 million for a 30-second commercial airing time. This excludes costs and fees for actors, equipment, ad agencies, directors, crew and other personnel.

The much awaited Super Bowl XLV will be on February 6, 2011 that will be held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Enjoy the game and the Super Bowl 2011 commercials!