The Top Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

Millions of people watched the Super Bowl in the recent years. It was not all about the game but the event also showcase Super Bowl commercials who serves as one of the much awaited attraction.

Yes, it was expensive as the high cost of Super Bowl ads grows bigger and bigger each year. Several companies prepares their best ads for the Super Bowl each year to create a line in the world of product endorsement. Here is a short list of the top Super Bowl commercials of all time. This is a great time to refresh your memory and see who among these commercials created a big buzz!

Top Super Bowl Ads of All Time

Coca-Cola - "Mean Joe Greene" - 1980
Apple - "1984" - 1984
McDonald's - "The Showdown" - 1993
Budweiser - "Frogs" - 1995
Pepsi - "Diner" - 1995
Budweiser - "Clydesdales Football" - 1996
Monster - "When I Grow Up" - 1999
Reebook - "Terry Tate" - 2003
Bud Light - "Hitchhiker" - 2007
Snickers - "Betty White" - 2010

Which of the following are familiar to you? Check the videos now on Youtube!