Super Bowl Commercials 2011: Not All of Them Made a Buzz!

The Super Bowl 45 was rich with big commercials. They were all expensive, indeed. But in this cost, have they sell anything?

Who does the Buzz? Not all of the Super Bowl commercials created a buzz. There were some who left behind one another and there were also some that overpowered the other one. From the simpliest to an extravagant creation with high quality graphics, each commercials had its home in the mind of each person.

Volkswagen's Darth Vader is one of my favorite. The concept is so simple but the video said it all. The Darth Vader kid, his mom and his dad with the car. And the "force" was there.

How about Bieber and Ozzy? Well, it's kind of a simple one but it does not create a big buzz in other people who didn't like Justin Bieber. Maybe it is a buzz for the Bieber fans, either.

Eminem! He dominated the Super Bowl commercial buzz with not one, but two separate ads. He did a two-minute commercial for Chrysler and a 30-sec commercial for Brisk. Chrysler - awesome and strong! Brisk - awesome and funny! That's how I fount Eminem's commercials. Very Buzzy!

That's all for now. I will check out for more Super Bowl Commercials 2011 later or tomorrow or in some other day!