My Best Super Bowl Commercial This Year!

After several days of giving enough time to watch the Super Bowl commercials 2011, I've finally made my top list of my picks. This is my personal pick that actually caught my attention and leave a big buzz on my mind. Here it is! Volkswagon's The Force with the Darth Vader kid!

The first time I saw this was in a sneak peak with a 10-second span. I got hooked on that Darth Vader kid and made me think what will happened next. So I just wait for this commercial to air in the Super Bowl XLV and poof! It was amazing! I also had my second pick, Bridgestones' Carma. The setting was so cool (literally) and the sense of making it as a "Carma" was a good idea.

I am looking forward for more next year! Have a happy time watching these commercials all over again!