Super Bowl Ads 2011 Updates

The numbers are down to 4 as the Super Bowl kickoff gets near. The Super Bowl ads 2011 advertisers also give their sneak peak of their ads. Let's see the updates!

Chocolates! Snickers  releases the teaser to their new Super Bowl commercial. In the sneak preview of the commercial,  Rosanne Barr and Richard Lewis appear at a construction site. What will happen next? This ad will air in the third quarter of the game.

Eminem will go for Lipton Brisk. Brisk will be back in the Super Bowl scene since 2002, which had several celebrities including Danny DeVito and Al Roker. Eminem will appear in claymation, much like the classic Brisk ads as well as the new ones with Ozzy Osbourne and Danny Trejo. will have their first Super Bowl Ad ever. They bought two slots for the ads. Their ads will air before and after the halftime show featuring the Black Eye Peas.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more updates of the Super Bowl commercials 2011 here!