Audi Super Bowl Ad 2011 Feautures Kenny G

Audi Super Bowl Ad 2011 Feautures Kenny G - The German luxury car maker released their Super Bowl commercial 2011 with an extra-ordinary scene.  Audi’s 60-second spot, “Release the Hounds,”  follows two fugitives who attempt to break out of luxury prison. That's a weird jail! A luxury jail! This is one of the funniest Su commercial I've ever seen so far!

Audi features saxophone player Kenny G in this commercial that is set to air in the first break after kick-off of Super Bowl 45. The the award-winning 2011 A8 sedan will be feature in this ad.

Audi is known for its ads that have recalled everything from movies including “The Godfather” and “The Transporter” to the classic bedtime story “Good Night Moon.” Well, this time, as what the video implies, it looks like another scene from the past.

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